Tough Guys Don’t Journal

Sniper Team Selections

5 July 2005

Last night was slow, not much went on. The PL had me roll with him so I can handle things while he is busy with other stuff.

The PL and PSG finally turned in the names for the sniper team for review. BAM I’m on the list. I’m pumped and can’t wait to tell dad. We are set to insert at 0300 for a 24hr mission. I haven’t received a full mission brief or op order yet. I’ll go ahead and start on a packing list, but it’ll mostly be the basics.

A few guys are pissed or bummed they aren’t on the team. This makes it tough to show my excitement.

I plan to keep a log of each mission. It will be cool to have those stories for reading in the future.

Time to do some work.

~ DC

The after thoughts…

Before my deployment my parents gave me this journal and suggested I write in it during my deployment. At first, I was hesitant and thought to myself, “tough guys don’t journal.” On the other hand, I have heard my dad share he wishes he kept a journal from his Vietnam tour and his years working at DNR. Now years after my deployment, I look back on my journal and am very glad I did it. There were so many memories I had forgotten about!

It is a great way to capture your stories, memories and thoughts. I found the journal was a great place to ‘vent’ when I was stressed. I didn’t want to burden someone with my stress and the journal provided a means to think through and get those thoughts out. Clear mind to focus on the missions!

Keep an open mind and break those “tough guys don’t journal” thoughts!

What are your thoughts on keeping a journal?

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