Shootin’ From Hip

Failing to plan is planning to fail

10 July 2005

Found out last night at 1800 that I had a raid at 0100. They wanted me to TC (truck commander) a truck for it. Nothing like a middle of the night mission on no sleep. The raid was uneventful. Kind of good. Kind of bad. No one got hurt, but we also didn’t get the insurgents. Next time!

I am a fan of our increased activity. Command seems to have a good feel for our sector and unit abilities. Now we are being more proactive. I would love to know what the insurgents are thinking now that we hit them on our sniper mission. Guessing they aren’t used to that based on the guys we replaced. I’m eager to get back out there, but can’t just go jumping into something. The reason we were successful on the first time out, was planning.

A bunch of guys were able to get internet in their trailers. I’m bummed. They got it set up while I was out on the sniper mission so I missed out. It isn’t exactly the fastest, but works just fine for sending emails. I’ll do some asking around and see if I can get plugged in too.

~ DC

The after thoughts…

Fail to plan, plan to fail. It is easy to get excited and jump into a new project or opportunity. At the same time, you must be ready to act and can’t procrastinate. I’ve seen it across the board, many will use the planning process as a means to procrastinate and not take action. Others, seem to haphazardly jump right into something with no plan. A balance is needed. Thinking things through and having a plan is vital to success. Procrastination or lack of action is a challenge many face.

Take some time to reflect on your normal approach. Are you a planner, procrastinator, or shoot from the hip with no plan? I’ve found myself doing them all. I like to take a moment to reflect on what I’m doing. I can gain a new perspective and have the awareness to revise my approach. Either slow down and plan or have faith in my plan and take action.

How do you overcome the challenge of procrastination?

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