Letters from Home

24 July 2005

“It was good to hear your voice last Sunday! Took M**** to the airport and stopped by Bass Pro to price metal detectors for the unit. Cocoa is beginning to show her age more & more – getting more gray too! I’m only taking her for a short walk right before I walk with J*** […]

Rockets, IEDs, and Small Arms Fire

Finding the balance

2 July 2005 This morning was full of events. A rocket was fired 100m from our dismounts. They ran away from the location it was fired from. We had to drive around to get near it. As we were chasing them they fired at us with Ak’s. They quickly disappeared into the crowded market. In […]

The First Night Shift

Punching self-doubt in the mouth

28 June 2005 Last night was our first night on night shift and it was so boring! There is no one out and time goes by slowly. It was fairly uneventful too. We did patrol the sector randomly throughout the night. We would also sit in some OP’s and just watch. As the city was […]