All New COHORT Diversity Training Program

“Law Enforcement Agencies across the nation call new COHORT Diversity Training program REFRESHING, IMPACTFUL, and EYE-OPENING!”

Tru Pettigrew and I bring you a brand new law enforcement diversity training!

The content of this program was born out of our experiences in working with Law Enforcement agencies over the last 10+ years and has been time tested and proven. This content goes beyond theory and is based on the success of real world application.

The Community COHORT Diversity Training program is a full-day interactive Diversity & Inclusion workshop that has been created and facilitated by a culturally diverse leadership team that consists of a former Law Enforcement Officer and a Diversity & Inclusion advocate and practitioner. The program’s name, COHORT, is based on the recognition that Law Enforcement Officers and civilians are all a part of the same community, share the same values, and all want the same things, thus, we are all a part of the same COHORT in that regard. By definition, Cohort is “a group of people banded together based on shared interests, values, or attributes”. COHORT as we have defined it, also serves as an acronym for Community Organizers Helping Officers Restore Trust.

Access the full training details here.

If your agency is interested in bringing this training to your community, please email us here.

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