It’s All in the State of Mind

Embrace the Suck

12 July 2005

Third and Fourth squad grabbed a guy who was hammered drunk and driving around after curfew. He was so scared! This worked in our favor. He told us he was an insurgent. Then proceeded to show us 7 houses of other insurgents. He also said the guys we shot, were scared out of their minds. Never been shot at like that. One of them died and the other was shot up pretty bad and not sure if he will live.

They have us on hold for sniper missions currently. We are waiting for a new location to set up. Nate and I want to take a day on patrol and find a new hide.

Our PL has a buddy in country that’s a sniper in a ranger unit. He is willing to go out with us on a mission and share some pointers. Always cool to learn some new things. There is also talk of getting to go to an in-country sniper school.

With all of this down time between missions, my mind seems to wander a lot. Mostly thinking about things to do when I get home. I guess it kind of keeps my hope up and motivation. I wonder what would be a wise investment with the money I am saving while here. Buy a house or truck? Maybe just park it and save it. I better do my research.

It’s funny how you basically trick or distract yourself from the present situation. Like dad always said, “it’s all in the state of mind.”

~ DC

The after thoughts…

In previous posts, I have already talked about how we would often dream of home to escape the combat. These day dreams would give us a comfort that we would return to safety. Rather than break that down again, I’d like to expand on the last line, “it’s all in the state of mind.”

The mind is an incredibly powerful thing. I like to say I have rewired my brain and can even trick it into thinking differently. When you’re in a bad mood or stressed out, try silently humming a favorite song or force yourself to smile more. Next thing you know, the bad mood is gone! Or if you are feeling helpless or depressed, go out and help someone else. Through the service and helping others, it will cheer you up too.

Have you ever asked someone how their flight or long road trip was? I often hear responses talking about delays, traffic, or unfavorable conditions. This just means stress. If you change your perspective or state of mind you’ll see less stress in your life. Now when I travel, I look at things as an adventure. If delays, detours, traffic or anything happens, no worries. It is all just a part of the adventure. It certainly isn’t the end of the world.

Ultimately, if you want to have less stress in your life try changing the way you look at things. This relates right back to the Army saying of “embrace the suck.” The more the situation sucks, the more you can laugh it off or drive on.

It’s all in the state of mind.

What is one hack you use to pull yourself out of a bad mood?

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