Intel is Vital

Routines, Patterns, and Habits

15 July 05

I told the CO about a house I thought was worth checking out as a possible OP site. He seemed very interested. I hope to get back out there again soon. The CO has a very good grasp of the big picture. They are being extremely cautious in putting us out there. I get it, but at the same time I want to go to work.

Here is a short video of us driving down Rt. Iowa.

We were able to gather all kinds of intel on the traffic patterns on Rt Iowa. It reminds me of deer hunting. We need to determine their patterns, routines and habits. Then we will know the best places and times to set up.

The insurgents don’t just magically appear on Rt Iowa to place an IED. I wish they would put us in a spot for 24hrs so we can just observe and see what happens. Not every mission needs to lead to us engaging them. Intel is vital.

Fairly short today, but figured I should write anyways.

~ DC


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