Homecoming Season

The Need for Environmental Strategies

Every fall college campuses across the country celebrate homecoming. Often this involves a parade, tailgating before the big game, and large parties after the game. From the college student’s perspective, homecoming can mean a pre-party the night before, alumni returning to campus to join in the fun, beer breakfast/ keg n eggs, tailgating filled with […]

Book Foreword

Any law enforcement officer who reads this book on “Motivational Interviewing” will find him/herself in a win-win situation.  The book is a quick read and will motivate the reader to peruse the material quickly in order to get to the end where there are examples to assist in the implementation of “Motivational Interviewing” (MI). Although […]

College Drinking Behavior

There are two ways to look at alcohol consumption—by frequency and by quantity. What I have been seeing on campus is that most students don’t drink frequently, yet when they do drink it is at a high quantity. A smaller percentage of the students will do both, frequent and in high quantity. These students who […]

How Motivational Interviewing Fits into Campus Policing

Officers are in a unique position to talk to students. First of all, officers in uniform possess a certain level of authority or “position of power” when talking to someone just by being in uniform. Secondly, when faced with a possible enforcement situation (i.e. an underage student found in possession of alcohol), that student’s motivation […]

Motivational Interviewing for Campus Police

  The project started while I was working on my masters degree at Eastern Illinois University. I used the lessons learned while in the class room and while patrolling campus as a police office. The result is publishing my first book, Motivational Interviewing for Campus Police. If you’d like to learn more about the book […]