Care Packages and Combat Flags

Rt Kansas here we come

19 July 05

We are going out to provide over watch for the bulldozers. We took over a big empty house on Rt. Kansas. The teams from first and second platoon are occupying it for the first 48 hours to get their feet wet. We are going to provide cover against rocket and close mortar attacks.

Mail call! I got a ton of packages. There is so much stuff to give out to the Iraqi children. We will need an extra gun truck to haul it all. I may or may not have kept a couple of the stuffed animals. Everyone at the Rec Center sent notes. It was fun reading them. I love working there. Definitely an amazing work environment.

It sounds like so much has changed at the rec. Seems like Mr. B is having fun with the packages. I’d like to send some stuff to them just to surprise them. I don’t have too much to work with here though. If I have time I may have to make a personalize slide show movie for them.

I’ve been carrying flags with me in my plate carrier and they have all now seen combat. I am looking forward to giving those to everyone close to me. Giving them in person of course!

~ DC

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