Care Packages and Combat Flags

Rt Kansas here we come

19 July 05 We are going out to provide over watch for the bulldozers. We took over a big empty house on Rt. Kansas. The teams from first and second platoon are occupying it for the first 48 hours to get their feet wet. We are going to provide cover against rocket and close mortar […]

Partial Det IED and Kurdish Guards

Don't Forget To Turn On Your Red Dot Sight

18 July 2005 Sniper team went back out, minus one. B was injured so he stayed in. The company commander jumped in and took his place. There was a partially detonated IED that hit 2nd platoon. The main explosive didn’t detonate when the guys drove by. It mostly blew dust and dirt on them and […]

Intel is Vital

Routines, Patterns, and Habits

15 July 05 I told the CO about a house I thought was worth checking out as a possible OP site. He seemed very interested. I hope to get back out there again soon. The CO has a very good grasp of the big picture. They are being extremely cautious in putting us out there. […]

It’s All in the State of Mind

Embrace the Suck

12 July 2005 Third and Fourth squad grabbed a guy who was hammered drunk and driving around after curfew. He was so scared! This worked in our favor. He told us he was an insurgent. Then proceeded to show us 7 houses of other insurgents. He also said the guys we shot, were scared out […]

Shootin’ From Hip

Failing to plan is planning to fail

10 July 2005 Found out last night at 1800 that I had a raid at 0100. They wanted me to TC (truck commander) a truck for it. Nothing like a middle of the night mission on no sleep. The raid was uneventful. Kind of good. Kind of bad. No one got hurt, but we also […]